Ganeshpur, Hastinapur Road, Hastinapur, U.P. +91 98976 38946

About The School

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About Us

The school has been established with the aim of providing comprehensive quality education, in order to develop the carried facets of a child's personality and character. Curriculum is so designed that stress is laid on character building, teamwork and infuses amongst the students a spirit of honesty, responsibility, fairness, justice and respect. It is our aim to develop future citizens who would don the mantle of true Indians taking pride in their culture and do their motherland proud. The School believes in the dignity and worth of each student and sees in them the potential to discharge their duties towards the world community. it is our endeavor to develop in each student:

  • Appreciation and respect for ethical and cultural values
  • The ability to think clearly, Logically and Independently.
  • A mastery of the skills of communication and learning


New Blooms Public School was founded by Keshav Ram Sharma Memorial Shiksha Prasar Samiti Ganeshpur-Hastinapur Road situated on the main link road for the by-pass to Meerut the school is away from the congestion and the mad rush of the city. The open picturesque sylman environs of the school make it an ideal palace of learning. It is our desire establish the several as senior secondary English medium co-educational school, affiliated to the C.B.S.E. New Delhi. The School motto Love, Light, Liberty symbolizes the aspirations the school has for achieving excellence and moral elevation for each and every child of the school.